van der Zander

Keynote speaker. 
Change enthusiast.
Start-up Founder. 

My TEDx Talk - Future of Work & Education 

See me in action

My passions, my topics

We live in times of rapid change.

How can we take everyone on board to create a better future together?

I am fascinated by change and have worked in eight different countries across the globe. My core topics are #change #futureofwork and #innovation to master the digital transformation. I have worked with large corporations, NGOs and the United Nations.

At the age of 28 years I held my first position as a university lecturer, which made me fully realise that we need fundamental change in our education system.  I am a two-times start-up founder and sought-after keynote speaker and host. My goal is to super-charge audiences and bring in a young, global and critical perspective on the topics of change and new work.

I offer my talks in German, English & French. 

Future of work, Lifelong learning, adaptability ...

First time  5 Generations in the workforce ...

Still one of the biggest challenges ...

Organisational transformation & new leadership ...

We live in times of radical change.

So, let's make things radically better. Let's take everyone on board. Let's get excited about change and develop a positive future through learning & development.

What I can do for you

Times are changing and you want to take your employees on board? Implement change in your company? You want to better understand what lies ahead and how to get ready for the future? How to unlock potential and future-proof your productivity? Improve the communication, collaboration and learning and development in your teams?

Let's talk and see what format is the most suitable for you. All my offerings are of course tailor-made to bring progress and push you forward.  

Inspiring, fresh and to the point ...

Tailored to your needs ...

Witty, smart, asking the right questions ...

Podcast, YouTube, Stages ...

Great professionalism, fresh view and witty charm

"Rona supported us with several moderations at the Media Convention 2019. The Media Convention is one of the largest congresses around current topics of the international media economy, society and politics and takes place in partnership with the digital conference re:publica. On two days Rona presented the stage 'Cube' with great professionalism, fresh view and witty charm. She moderated a total of ten sessions with international speakers*, and led the Q&A's. It was a great pleasure to work together with Rona and we hope to be able to continue the cooperation in the future".

Antonia Zülka, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH

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