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I have always been fascinated by change and challenges

Exploring new and better ways of doing things.

After graduating from high school in my small home town in Germany I ventured out into the world - China, UK, France, Australia, USA, Cambodia and Myanmar became my work and live stations.

Through working and living in 8 different countries 

I developed a truly global mindset.

 “How can we change the world for the better?”

- this has always been my driving question - and access to education one of my key answers. I worked with the United Nations in various countries before founding my own company GrowbeYOUnd to improve university education and better prepare (young) people for the future.

Our key to thrive in the future is our ability to learn - Lifelong learning is the buzzword of the century and yet it has not arrived in many places. That is why I co-founded sicross in 2019 to bring #podcasts as a #learning and #communication tool into companies and turn employees into story-tellers and on-the-go-learners.

I believe that #learning and #communication can be the key drivers for successful and sustainable change management. 

My story 

Where I come from and where I am now.

change and challenges always fascinated me.

This might also be one of the main reasons why I decided to move to CHINA after graduating from High School. What more of a change could there be from a tiny calm German village - my home is the beautiful village Steinhude close to Hannover- to the capital of China – to big buzzing Beijing.

Finally, I ended up in a Chinese village (1.5 Mio people - Xingtai!) where I was learning Chinese and teaching English. 

IT WAS TOUGH - a completely new culture, new job, a language I couldn’t really speak, communication with home (imagine - before the smartphone!) was not that easy.


Living in 8 countries 

Great challenges.

Through this experience I learnt that I CAN adapt to very different environments and master challenges. 

After China, I was hungry for more and ended up living and working in 8 different countries. 

During my time abroad I learnt a lot. Two key things were:

   1.   I developed an open towards 

         constant change & new challenges

   2.  I got excited to always try and learn new things!

Learning & Development

The key to sustainable change.

Learning (and education) has always been very interesting & important to me.


One key question has always been driving me -

“How can I make this world a better place?” 

For me, education/learning is a key to change everything - communities and lives of individuals. 

I worked in different places around the world in learning and education projects and supported the United Nations in various programmes.


Our ability to learn is our key to thrive in the future.


Founding GrowbeYOUnd

Future of Work and Education/Learning.

After 8 years abroad I returned to Germany where I founded GrowbeYOUnd to support universities in  better preparing (young) people for the future of constant and rapid change.

What do we still need to know in these times of rapid change? When the half-time of knowledge is only a few years ? What skill set do we need to develop? How will we work in the future and what importance will lifelong learning play? 

I am working with universities and companies and hundreds of participants all over Europe on these questions around the 'future of work' and learning.

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Founding si:cross

Taking podcasting into entreprise

A year after GrowbeYOUnd followed my second venture - si:cross.

A software to bring podcasting into enterprise as a learning and communication tool.

Turning employees into story-tellers and on-the-go-learners.

 The working world is currently rapidly changing - we need a new understanding of learning and a new understanding of communication to master this challenge successfully. 

What would you do, if you were not afraid?

This is printed on the wall next to my desk - and I ask myself all the time, what steps would I take if I wasn’t afraid?

What challenges would I take?
I believe this is how you grow.


Stage lover

Since forever

Since I was a young kid, I loved to be on stage.

There lay over 20 years between these two pictures - but I would say, I have not changed much.

Still the same favourite colours, pretty much the same hairstyle and the same pose. 

Already at a young age I loved to be on stage and entertain people. From 5 years onwards I went to theater school and performed in musicals. When I was 11 years old I started to perform professionally and 'compete' in theatre contest.

Later on I also took speaker and moderation training. I always loved the stage, to entertain people, to communicate, to make voices heard and to engage with the audience.

If better #learning #communication and #newwork are topics that matter to you -

Book me for a 

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