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My passions, my topics

We live in times of rapid change.

How can we take everyone on board to create a better future together?

I am fascinated by change and have worked in eight different countries across the globe. My core topics are #change #futureofwork and #innovation to master the digital transformation. I have worked with large corporations, NGOs and the United Nations.

At the age of 28 years I held my first position as a university lecturer, which made me fully realise that we need fundamental change in our education system.  I am a two-times start-up founder and sought-after keynote speaker and host. My goal is to super-charge audiences and bring in a young, global and critical perspective on the topics of change and new work.

I offer my talks in German, English & French. 


We live in times of rapid change. How is our working world changing and how can we prepare ourselves for the changes? Currently we don't know about 65% of the jobs children will work in and the coming generation is predicted to have 6 different professions. The Keynote looks at how to cope with change and get excited by an unknown future.


Living in time sof rapid change


For the first time in history we have five generations working together in the job market.

What does this mean?

How can we benefit from this situation and overcome obstacles in inter-generational communication while benefiting from knowledge exchange?

This keynote is offered in collaboration with Anna-Kristin David.


Inter-generatinal workforces


The 4 Cs as 'the key skills' for the future - communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. In many companies communication still proves to be one of the key challenges. New technologies add even more complexity to the equation. How can we better communicate and ensure that we build a sustainable company culture through our communication?


Comms in the 21st century


Our ability to learn is our key to thrive in the future. Learning and development has to become an integral part of all organisations. How to make L&D sexy?


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